Shower Pans
Solid Products can provide anything from custom shower pans to complete shower systems that are designed to meet the unique requirements of University housing, Medical and Healthcare facilities, Municipalities and Military barracks. In many cases our sommercial solid surface shower systems can be installed over existing material eliminating costly demolition and waste.

Shower Pans
• Standard & Custom pans and drains
• Standard ADA & Custom ADA Designs

Shower and Tub Walls
• Custom sized made to order wall panels
• Custom trim options

Shower Accessories
• Corner & Recessed soap dishes
• Seats
Custom ADA Shower Pan
Shower Pan

Standard 36" x 36" Shower Pan

Shower Pan

Custom University Shower System

Shower Pan

Tub Replacement Shower Pan Remodelation

Shower Pan

Shower Pan Remodelation

ADA Roll-In Promo Video

This video shows our ADA Roll-In Shower, capable of draining up to 3 times the maximum water output of a standard shower head

Shower Pan

Custom Shower Pan

Shower Pan

Trench Drain ADA Shower Pan

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